Nokia Kraków


Lunch Pass card

240 net/month

Two days off to volonteer

LuxMED Pack

We provide private medical care for you and your loved ones

Lecturing at universities

Tax Break

A voluntary program which allows our employees to take advantage of the tax credit in the case of copyrighted work.

Special events

Sports card

Sport teams

Generali insurance

Chillout rooms

IT libraries

Annual bonus

Every employee will receive an annual bonus, which is based on individual achievements as well as the overall financial results of the company.

Covered parking for bicycles

Corporate loans

Bicycle service

Co-financing of independent child vacation

Co-financing of kindergartens and nurseries

Welcome pack

Relocation package

One-time financial support, paid with the first payment:
- Employee based on a contract of employment - PLN 10,000.00 net
- Working Student - PLN 3 600 net
- Summer Trainee - PLN 1 800 net

Flexible working hours

You can adjust your work start time to your individual preferences or needs. Normally we start between 7:00 and 9:45.

Interesting business travels

A gift for a child

Work with agile methodologies

Cinema tickets