Nokia Kraków

What are we working on

We create technologies to connect the world.

In R&D centers in Kraków, our engineers work on software for telecommunications systems. From the concept and research phrase to the definition of the architecture.

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Have you ever wondered how it happens that you are able to send more and more data in a shorter and shorter time?

The driving force behind these changes is the development of subsequent generations of telecommunications technologies. 3G enabled us, among others, to send text messages and make voice calls, 4G opened the opportunities of multimedia files flow, while 4.5, 4.9G Pro has created the fabric of a connected world, where 5G and the subsequent infrastructure will enable communication of millions of connected devices in real time. Nokia is at the heart of these changes from the very beginning and sets new directions for those that are to come. Thanks to the daily work of our experts, we may provide technological support for the most critical pillars of the connected world, such as end-to-end networks, vertical markets, software business and safety.

Our engineers are involved in the whole process of creating technologies: from specification, to the development of software and its testing, to its presentation to customers around the world. The daily work of Kraków experts has a real impact on the shaping of technology that changes our reality.

Better mobility

Ease the flow of cars and people with smart mobility services. Simplify bus connections. Offer a real-time view of avaliable parking. Monitor crowds in public venues.

Smart energy usage

Offer tools to use energy resources more efficiently in homes and businesses, as well as for public lighting.

City safety

Smart city resources can also enhance public safety with video-surveillance analytics, an integrated command and control center, and enhanced communications for first responders.

Efficient healthcare

Remote monitoring applications can improve healthcare in your city, while keeping costs under control.

The cities of the future and the infrastructure of the connected world provides us each day with the unlimited quantity of data. Thanks to the efficient management and processing, we are able to develop the technologies of the future. We are doing it right now. That is possible thanks to the machine learning systems that enable working on the algorithms of the future.

Our mission

Building the unique Nokia identity in Kraków, creating a Machine Learning community and development of employees’ skills to increase our competitiveness, create innovative products and increase operational efficiency.