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Competence development

Working with us, you can count on many development opportunities. We offer as many potential career paths as there are jobs in Nokia. It is mainly your decision which direction you choose.
You can choose, among others, to follow the development and management of technology, people, or projects. To simplify the process of skills development within the given path, we have a specially dedicated department for that purpose. They create development programs for our engineers and managers, organize and deliver training as well as coordinate global initiatives associated with knowledge broadening among our employees.

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Selected development programs in NOKIA Kraków

Future Project Managers

A one-year program including a cycle of training, working with a mentor and implementation tasks, preparing for managing your own projects and for the change of role.

Train the Trainers

A cycle of training to develop the skills of creating and conducting technical trainings. This program is for those who like teaching others and sharing knowledge.


A program and a cycle of internal training on Python from the basic to advanced level.

Raw Diamonds

An annual program including a cycle of trainings, implementation tasks and working on a group task for future

Regardless of your participation in the programs, you can also:

  • Participate in retrospectives
  • Participate in pair programming
  • Learn as a part of your daily work from interesting and changing projects
  • Learn from the feedback received on an ongoing basis.
  • Learn and work with Buddy, a dedicated person who will introduce you to the climate of Nokia and your first project tasks -> optional for new employees
  • Attend internal training (without limitation)
  • Temporarily change your job within the framework of the job rotation (from 3 to 6 months, you can change the department within Nokia and work with other technology, on another project)
  • Use the e-learning platform (e.g. on Skillsoft platform you can find more than 3000 e-books, webinars and training in the form of eLearning in the  field of IT, business or social science)
  • Read books in the traditional way from internal department libraries or from Safari platform
  • Participate and be a speaker at code::dive or test::dive conferences organised by Nokia Wroclaw and Nokia Kraków
  • Work with a mentor – an experienced person – in the area of your interest
  • A separate section-> Participate in expert meetings as well as conduct them (Machine Learning Guild, Test Automation Community, Project Managers Guild)
  • Train others, consolidate and develop your knowledge as an internal coach (for example by conducting technical training for those interested in working for Nokia as a part of NokiaAcademy)
  • Do your own research within your doctoral degree
  • Write articles for industry magazines and for the authorial book of Nokia – Nokia Book

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