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Nokia Academy – registration is open!

If you couldn’t wait for the next edition of Nokia Academy, now is the time. Here’s all the information and details on how to sign up!

Nokia Academy in a nutshell:

– This year’s edition of Nokia Academy is a series of free training courses in C/C++ programming. It consists of 9 weekends filled with remote lectures and practical classes,

– The meetings take place on weekends, from 3 July to 28 August,

– Registration lasts until 21.06, you can sign up through the website: Nokia Academy – C/C++ Developer – Nokia Careers

A detailed schedule will be announced in the coming days. 

What we require from a participant:

 – at least basic knowledge of C/C++ programming is required; knowledge of: Linux, telecommunication, issues in the area of mathematics and algorithmics, completed courses and training in C/C++ will be a plus for the candidate,

The condition to participate in the training is having your own computer. It is also necessary to have at least secondary education and the ability to communicate freely in English and Polish.

What we offer:

– Intensive training cycle in C/C++ programming,

– 9 weekends of remote lectures and practical classes,

– supervision of qualified trainers who are also practitioners,

– original training program,

– employment offers for the best.

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