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FPGA Conference and Hackathon 2021

On 19-21 November, the second edition of the FPGA Conference and Hackathon took place. Participants had the opportunity to listen to as many as 7 lectures on the technology of FPGAs. The speakers were specialists working with this technology in companies such as Nokia, Siemens, Aldec and MathWorks. The conference gathered 158 participants.
In addition to theoretical knowledge, participants had the opportunity to test their practical skills during a 24-hour hackathon. During the first edition we managed to colonise Mars. This year we were continuing mission in space. Our colony grew very fast and a new economy started to develop, with people working in different professions. Traditional money proved to be impractical, so our community decided to create their own cryptocurrency, NokiaCoin. The hackathon participants were tasked with implementing an FPGA engine to mine it. 3 teams managed to complete it: SeCom Team, who took first place, MofuMofu (second place) and CMOS Squad (third place). Congratulations to the winners and invite we invite you all to take part in the next edition!
The event was very successful in Poland and worldwide. 72 people from 12 countries and 4 continents took part in the hackathon.

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