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Nokia Kraków Online Speed Recruitment

We would like to invite you to attend the ONLINE Speed Recruitment at Nokia Kraków!

During the 15 minutes session, you will have a possibility to check your skills and knowledge in one of the following:

What is Speed Recruitment?
Short (15-20 minutes) job interview with our engineers and a possibility to receive an invitation to a regular, 90 minutes’ job interview.

Why is it worth joining the event?

– You will be able to check if working at Nokia could be something for you.
– You will meet some of our best engineers.
– It’s a chance to get straight to a technical interview, without a pre-screening step.
– Even if you don’t get an invitation for a regular interview, it will be a great opportunity to receive constructive feedback for your further career development.

How to join the event?

Just pick suitable slots in the application form and wait for a confirmation e-mail from our Talent Attraction Team.


If you would like to take part in Online Speed Recruitment in our other locations, please visit:

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Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions, we are here to support you

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