Nokia Kraków

Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering

Nokia supports employees social activities by providing each of them with 2 days of fully paid leave for employee volunteering. This allows employees to get involved in charitable activities during working hours and support the local community. Employee volunteering at the Krakow R&D Center is a wide range of activities for non-governmental organizations, local organizations and ecology.

Collection of plastic bottle caps

In our area there is a metal heart for bottle caps, which we donate to the Foundation Bo Cię Kocham. The Foundation helps children with disabilities and their families.

Clean up the world

Every year we take part in the Clean Up the World Action and set off to clean up Poland, and more precisely the green areas of Krakow and the surrounding area. In recent years, we have visited,, the Będkowska Valley and the Bagry reservoir.

Blood Collection

Together with neighboring companies Motorola and the Jagiellonian Innovation Center, we organize cyclical blood collections.

Noble Gift

For years, we support families in need as part of the Noble Box.

Zero waste

In 2022, in cooperation with WoshWosh, we organized a collection of used shoes as part of the “Open wardrobes, open hearts” campaUbrania do Oddania, we organized a collection of used clothes and shoes. The items found their new lives in boutiques, and Ubrania do Oddania for each kilogram collected donated PLN 1 to the Ocalenie Foundation, which supports migrants in integration and individual development

Soup for Ukraine

In March 2022, we organized a charity book fair, and with the collected funds we organized soup cooking as part of the Soup for Ukraine campaign.


We visited the St. Lazarus Hospice and the “Parkowa” Care and Education Center, where we managed to clean the gardens, prepare them for winter and plant new plants. Our volunteers also visit four-legged friends in shelters, where they help clean pens and give animals a bit of human love.

Santa Claus for the residents of St. Lazarus Hospice

Santa Claus visits not only children, so we decided to give the residents of St. Lazarus Hospice nice gifts. Each package contained a warm blanket, a Christmas mug, coffee, tea, Christmas decorations and something sweet.