Nokia Kraków

Nokia Poland Pride

Nokia Poland Pride is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) created in 2022 in Nokia Poland. Its main aim is to create a safe space for LGBT+ people to open themselves up and be their true selves.

We spend at work about 1/3 of our time, it is very important to feel good at the workplace. This ERG is not only an open space for LGBT+ community. We also want to educate people, we want to have discussions about our community and issues we face, we want to answer as many of our colleagues’ questions as we can.

Main events in 2022:

  • Safe space meeting for LGBT+ community: monthly meetings to talk about problems and to share experiences).
  • Pride Talks – to share the community’s experiences with Nokia Poland employees.
  • Support for the People team: inclusion and diversity training for Line Managers, helping with newcomers procedures, onboarding and other activities requested by the HR team or employees.
  • Cooperation with external organizations: Proud at Work, Kultura Rownosci, ERGs from other companies.
  • Being more visible as a community in Nokia Poland: stickers, lanyards, posters.